Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I used to read

I used to read like it was going out of style. Then I met Mr. Internet and Mrs Knitting needle and Ms. Crochet hook. Now I have to make myself read. Which is sad cause I love it. Oh and now I seem to be incapable of reading anything of any value. (not that I mind... that much) but I was just making my google doc for my "read in 2009" books and I closed out my 2008 one. I swear there was one other I forgot to write down but I can't think of it for the life of me. So here is last years list. I read a few other "fashion" books but I don't count them because the word to picture index favors the pictures.

Read in 2008
1.Man of my dreams
2.Gum Thief
3.Little Earthquakes
4.Debutant Divorcee
5.Wolf at the table
6.Are you there vodka its me Chelsey
7. Certain girls
8. Twilight
9. New moon
10.When we are engulfed in flames
11.Bergdorf blondes
12.Secret life of bees
13.Lipstick jungle
15.Breaking dawn
17.Pleasure of my company
19.Dead until dark
20.Tree grows in brooklyn
21.Living dead in dallas

So for 2009 I have a fat stack of books to read. I have already started 3 and set them aside half way thru and I am almost done with the Other Boleyn girl which took 300! pages to be mildly interesting. Note to authors. If you haven't go me by page 300 what is your point?! But i like to finish what I start, eventually. Hence the pile of half read books.


kendra said...

you know, i like to finish reading what i've started, but i also have a hard time returning to a book that i don't find interesting... so as time goes on i'm developing a longer list of books i never finished and movies i stopped watching halfway through. I figure I only have so many hours in my life, so I gotta spend them on things i'm interested in. :-) But I'm a bit embarrased to say that my list of unfinished includes The Simarilian (i just couldn't keep track of who was who and lost interest), and I almost gave up on Life of Pi but forced myself to finish (which I'm glad I did, but I really feel like it didn't get interesting until halfway through). My list of movies I never finished is something I'm a bit more comfortable with. I stopped watching Rat Race about halfway through, and never finished the new Superman, either. Can't say I regret either one. ;-)

anna said...

How did you like Man of My Dreams? I loved Prep, but haven't gotten around to this one.

hillary said...

@kendra. I never thought of it like that. This is only so many hours and so many things I would rather do! I didn't finish the Good Shepard and mailed it back and freted for days. But its SUUCCCKS> I should of turned off Burn after reading the other day too!

@anna. It was a waste of time really. Really lacking.