Monday, February 09, 2009

I said I wouldn't

Once upon a time in a blog long ago I used to post my outfit pictures. My mom wanted me to in hopes that companies would see me and send me free stuff. I did it for awhile and then quit cause I figured people could go to flickr to see it. Well I have come to realize (see been told) there is a whole bunch of people in my life who don't use Flickr. (gasp I know)
So until I get bored of doing it (which will be soon probably. Blogs that do tend to be a bit le snore) I am posting them here.

Shawl collar Sweater Ann Taylor Loft
Mock turtleneck with princess sleeves you can't see Gap
Scarf Banana Republic I also tied the scarf in what I can only call a Becktress fashion. where it wraps back around and ties in front.
SOOOOOOOOOOO slimjeans Target. (hope I don't have to pee all day)
Cordovan boots Clarks


Andrea said...

Oh I love outfit pics sprinkled in with regular bloggy nonsense. I like this one :)

Kelly said...

I am glad for this because I am one of those heathens who doesn't use flickr!