Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I <3 Flickr

and etsy for that matter.

I have met some of the most amazing kind souls on Flickr. Some whom I can see being friends with for the rest of my life. Some I already see like a family member. (Uncle Terry I am looking at you) People who care about my well being and check on me when I am sick.

I got this amazing cowl for my 30th birthday from the beautiful Rachael (Softspoken on flickr) She has a etsy shop as well. Her craftsmanship is top notch and its very very cuddly and warm. Perfect on these cold winter days. I about cried when I got it in the mail. None of my friends in real life have ever made me something, especially this special.

I recently bought a beret from Julie Mack's etsy shop. (its has the best name Rotten Cupcakes!) (she is Julie Mack on flickr as well)

It is so beautifully knit and its the softest yarn. I think it is secretly made from babu kittens. She has the total package. She draws on the outside package and her statment is the cutest bill ever! (who thought you'd ever think that about a bill?) She even included a drawing she did of with my Aretha hat I want so bad!

So support small businesses and shop Etsy!
And while your at it go make some friends for life on Flickr


julie mack said...

You're a total doll! I'm so happy you like your hat (& drawing!). It looks perfect on you! & thanks for the shout outs! <3

T2 said...

We love you, too. I imagine that your ears are burning daily because that's how often we talk about you and yours.

And Julie is right...you're a doll, indeed.

(uncle terry)

T2 said...

Okay, so I cain't type. It's HILL as in Hillary...NOT HIIL as in...I dunno.

We <3 U Hill.