Sunday, February 08, 2009

Getting older getting wiser?

As I have gotten older I know I have changed. I have caught myself actually saying such sentences as
"I can't believe the kids walk around in public dresses like that"
"Her skirt was so short I was afraid I was going to see her cha-cha"
and "Its winter go put a coat on"

Oh and kid is anyone under 25. Where did I come up with that number? My baby cousin is 25 so.... or anyone who couldn't of been in highschool at the same time as me. (which brings it up to 27 in somecases but I digress)

There are some other gems but I really need to save some face. When I was younger I definitely subscribed to the quantity over quality frame of mind when it came to shoes, clothes and purses. My father (who REALLY subscribes to the quantity frame of mind when it comes to clothes) said about a year ago in a manner only a father can "You get what you pay for" He is right. We were talking about boots at the time. I had just bought a pair of flat Merrell black boots. They were $150 buck and it stung a little because I already owned upwards of 8 pairs of boots. But you know I have worn those boots more in the 4 months I have owned them more than any other pair of shoes I have had for 4 years. (Except for my Danskos probably) These boots were 100% comfy from day one. There was no break in period. In this case I really got what I paid for. I got a quality pair of boots that goes with literally everything I own and are beyond comfotable. Now thats not to say I haven't gotten cheap things that turned out good but I have had more cheap things that have turned out to be just that. CHEAP. Fall apart, uncomfortbale no matter how many times I wear and just not quite right.

I got my first very expensive purse for my 29th birthday. It was a doozy but I pooled all my birthday money and bought it. I have put that purse thru hell this past year and a half.  But I also take care of it. I use leather cleaner and mositurizer on in it every two weeks or when ever I do my shoes (which is about twice a month) I can see me having this purse in 10 years and it still being as magnificent as it is now. I got it in a timeless style and in a size that would accomidate my laptop and in my favorite color red. Because of this its usually the first one I grabbed. I put a lot of thought into it and got something I really loved as opposed to something I thought was cool or fun.

On the flip side I have one of those plastic bags that a comfortor comes in FILLED with cheap purses. And you know I have only opened that bag once in the past year. All those purses were inexpensive and novel. Something I liked at the moment. But to be honest none I ever loved. Now why was I buying something I didn't love?

That is what has changed this past year. I am buying thing I love. I try it on I really inspect myself in the mirror and ask "do I like this or do I love this?" If I "like it" I have been putting it back when I used to buy it.

Now I have been buying things that initally cost more but I am wearing them more too. I like to figure the cost per wear out and it really end up being better in the end. Those 30 shoes from Target I got 3 years ago that I wore 3 times? Thats $10 a time! But those Cole Haans I only got 2 months ago? I have already worn them over 10 times bringing the cost per wear down to $8 and I have only had them two months!

So I am wondering as you are getitng older are you changing when it comes to clothes? Not even necessarily style wise. Which is a WHOLE other blog post for another time. I don't really know if I should even subject you to 24 year old hillary's fashion.


anna said...
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anna said...

first--- i can of course relate to being caught saying things like "am i supposed to be seeing your ass in that skirt?" of course, i'm a teacher in a high school, so "for pete's sake, pull up your pants" is a common thing out of my mouth.

onto your prompt--- i mentioned in your last quiz a few loyalties I have to certain brands that are more expensive and i mentioned in a wardrobe post that you commented on about clothes that are more expensive but sadly are NOTl better quality *cough anthropologie cough*. Now, unlike you, I haven't forayed into quality handbags yet, mostly because I can't commit to a style.

But I can attest to a certain pair of $298 Frye boots I bought two years ago. I have worn them more than any other pair of boots, and they only look better with each wear. I walked all over Greece in them, and I've trudged through snow and slush and swampy road water. Worth every penny. If I ever thought I'd have a chance at having kids, I could see my daughter trying to borrow them during her early teenage rebel phase. So agreed- hell to the yes on quality over quantity.

Except for tanks- there's no reason to ever pay more than $10 for a wifebeater. I have dozens of them from Target and Old Navy in a rainbow of colors, and when they lose their seams and shapes, they morph into gym clothes.

hillary said...

Dave and I were having a discussion about this after I posted. There are things I will never spend money on even though I were everyday. Tanks, turtlenecks and things of that nature. Because they are meant to last about a year. At least a year of my wearings. (I admit I glow)

Also there are expensive items that have bit me in the ass. But as a overall.... The purse thing once you go you know. I have 4 purses that cost over 250. Some more. None of them are remotely similar in style but all I LOVE and are top notch leather, hardware etc. I think if you first look for a shape you love then go for the color and texture. (like I don't think I would spend much a suede because it damages and would stress me out so I go for thick leathers myself.) When you meet her you will know. Thats how it happened with all mine. I saw I loved I went home and OBSESSED for weeks then went back and got. Not a single one was bought on the first sighting they were all obsessed over and visited numerous times. I have a stalking issue.

Heather said...

Stalking products is not an 'issue' just smart buying. I've learned (for the most part) to ask myself if I NEED the item or just WANT the item.

mamichan said...

I think shoes are worth investing in. My Prada maryjane heels were comfy from day 1 and I can even RUN in them. I've had them for years.

You are so good about using leather cleaner on your purses! I do mine maybe twice a year. I can totally see the wear and tear.

hillary said...

masami. I totally agree. Coach leather cleaner is amazing. I had a friend with a leather couch and two cats who liked to scratch the couch. She would rub it on and viola couch looked new. Its so worth the 20 bucks for the two parts. Cleaner and moisturizer. Also winters are SO dry here I assume they are even worse where you are!

heather Thats what I try and tell myself. :)