Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday outfit

Ok so we decided that our hallway is not long enough to use the 50mm for remix photos. At 50mm you have to be a certain distance from the subject. If not it will distort. I took remix photos yesterday but they were not fit to show. My photographer said "you are going to hate your pics today" He was right I looked like a fat oompa loompa. My husband is my greatest cheerleader and he said how awful I looked in them. So we went back to the p&s today and I look much more normal and not like I am 2 feet off the ground. bah

Cords (I make swishy sounds when I walk I find it immensely funny) Banana Republic. They have a sewed in crease and cuffs. I got them for $18 bucks
Shoes Bastad steel toed wood clogs. In the photo I have on red heels but my back is still hurting me so I went for support. They are the same color as the heels at least.
Sweater Kohls See comments for collar which you can't see in pic above oddly.
Turtleneck Target
Earrings qvc

Makeup I went easy today. Its very very cold out so I will end up crying it off. (My eyes water bad in the cold)
Paint by mac in stillife
Mark by avon eyeliner in emerald
Avon mousse foundation stick in Ivory
Mac Hello kitty blush in Tippy
Mac Hello kitty lips in mimmy

Oh and after the pic I put my pin on that matches my outfit perfectly. Sadly the pin is true as well.

Have any fun plans for the weekend? Dave has sketch problem from 9-9 tomorrow so it will be sleeping late, eating gluten and watching tv in my pjs for me. Oh wait I do that when he is home. Yeah so nothing new for me I guess. Maybe I will work on sewing I have a hat making book and a sewing book just begging to be used. I am just not good at the whole sewing in a strainer line or patience. I don't have that at least not with the sewing machine or children or people or dinner. ok so yeah no patience except for my family. Ok not so much them either. hee

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