Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey all I entered a contest!!
If you vote for me I will make you an award to your awesomeness. For reals just let me know you voted in the comments.

Edited to add
I pick poorly on which to enter if they let me redo it I would enter this one.


Kimberly said...

Both pictures rock! You look so fab all the time it would be hard to pick one. I have placed my votes! tee-hee!

Kelly said...

I voted! I am OK with plots to knock down people who are full of themselves! I even joined the thing just to help you in your plot.

hillary said...

thanks ladies! Both your awards are up!

Once we win I will let you know who she is if you don't already!

Dave77459 said...

I think you picked wisely, but what do I know? Heck, I'd'a picked this one:

It is very nearly my most favorite photo of you.

hillary said...

thank you. The contest was for "bright accessories" so sadly that one wouldn't work but I do like it and am glad you do too!