Sunday, February 01, 2009

As seen on TV who buys that crap anyways?

Well I do apparently.

I bought 3 things today that were as seen on TV. Up first Smooth Away.

My about to turn 80 years old gram has been saying how she wants that thing on tv that you rub on yourself and magically takes the hair away. I told her that it sounded like all kinds of bad and just use a razor it would hurt less. So today we stopped into Bed Bath and Beyond a store I had not been into for YEARS I can't even tell you the last time. The store itself I find overwhelming with its 20 high ceilings with stock all the way up to it. BUT it had friggin everything. They had all those weird as seen on tv things and they had a tiny frying pan that you could cook one half of an english muffin in. I wanted it , dave missed me saying OMG I WANT THIS. Geesh practical smacticle.

Anyways back to smooth away. So dave noticed it and said Gram wanted that. It was $9.99 for a large and a small rubber and 5 replacement pads for each. (online its $14.99 and you only get 4 each of the replacements.) So I thought I would try it before I went handing it over to my grandmother, knowing full well she would just go at it and not worry about if it hurt, burned or cut her. So I tried it on my leg that I am sad to say I have not shaved all week. So the damn thing works! It doesn't hurt at all. It feels like you are rubbing something on your self but it doesn't hurt. You feel nothing. It came with no instructions so I don't know if you are supposed to go in a direction or for how long or how hard. I will say it seemed to take longer than I had patience for. Shaving is zip zip nick blood and your done. But It left my leg insanely smooth with the added bonus of being exfoliated. I know I get horrible horrific razor burn from everything under the sun. And I am allergic to all lotions on my legs so its just a bad scene (thats why I havent shaved in a week) But this left it soft and pain and redness free. So maybe I will take the time.

I tired the little one on my cheek and I rubbed too hard and now my cheek is kind of raw. I think you need a gentle hand on your face.

All I know is I now need to go back and buy one for gram cause I am keeping this!


david said...

haha "zip zip nick blood and you're done" that's about the size of it.

susiekrochets said...

Oh - I am so glad yoou wrote this. I saw this on TV, too, and wondered if it would really work. Thanks! In the winter I never shave more than 1ce a week and I use an electric and it doesn't get my legs really smooth, so this sounds better, even if I have to take a longer.

Re: cream: have you tried Lubriderm for Sensitive Skin? Not just the scent free type, the type for sensitive skin. I have really allergic skin and most creams I can't stand the smell and they make my skin itch, so this stuff does neither and really works.