Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why my husband should pick out my makeup.

Last night was date night in the Sanders household. It was the best kind of date night. We took a Volvo zip car and went out for gluten free fried chicken and Target! (When you are celiac you pretty much give up on any fried food in a restaurant this place is so special we drive 45min to an hour just to get two chicken boats and fries for a total of $10.40)

So at Target I was looking at all the heart shaped candy and I heard a whistle and knew it was my whistle. I look across the main isle and my husband is standing in the makeup aisle. He puts his hand up to his eye and opens his mouth and pretends to put mascara on. This is his way of saying "You said you needed a mascara" when we went over our needs list in the car, cause lord knows we ALWAYS forget something. So I walked over and said yeah I do need some. So he tells me tells me there is a fat yellow kind around the corner called Colossal and how that must be good cause it sounds big. (I have notoriously tiny lashes I am always bitching about) So I grab the puke yellow mascara cause I don't know what kind I want and as he points out it comes with a $1.00 off coupon.

Fast forward to me putting my makeup on today.
So as Dave tells me about his class this morning I open the mascara and put it on one eye.
ZOMG it made me look like I actually had eyelashes! I turn to look at him and he says "wow they weren't kidding huh?" and them I make him smell it cause it smells faintly of roses.

So Maybelline Colossal Lashes gets four thumbs up (from him and me of course) and I have decided to let dave pick out my makeup from now on. I never would of picked up the gastly yellow package on my own. That will learn me. Last one I bought by looks alone a Rimmel one that looked like lingere yeah it SUCKS I pitched it the second after I tried my new one.


Ally said...

I looooove this stuff. It's a good dupe for DiorShow in my opinion.

However, the smell. OMG. I usually roll my eyes when Makeup Alley girls complain about stuff smelling but this is the only product that actually gets to me. It smells JUST like allergy nasal spray (floral and medicinal) and while it doesn't last long or bother me that much, I always make a face at it :)

Oh and I hate that Rimmel crap too. I do, however, love their Lycra Lash stuff - it's my go-to when I'm tired of slutting around with new mascaras.

Kelly said...

I use Covergirl's LashBlast, and it comes in an ugly orange thing, too. So many bright colors in the makeup aisle now! I hate how it looks on my vanity, but I love how it looks on my face, so I keep it. Glad to hear Colossal is good, though, I've been thinking about trying it next time!

anna said...

i'm definitely going to have to try this--- right now i'm rockin the Benefit Bad Gal Plum, but I don't think the purple mascara is going to entertain me once spring arrives (if it EVER does, boo!), plus it ain't easy on the wallet! So I'm going to pick this up pronto- thanks to you and Dave for the tip!