Friday, January 30, 2009

Wedding Ring

My wedding ring needs to be repaired. One of the prong is sticking up instead of cozying the diamond. I am not wearing it until it is fixed because if I loose the diamond.... Well I would be sad. In the meantime my hand is DRIVING ME NUTS. I have been wearing my ring since dec 1998. I don't take it off. Not for anything. People who take it off I think are weird. Its a diamond its one of the hardest materials on earth why would you take it off to wash your hands and such? Just wash it. You are more likely to loose it if you take it off all the time. We can get it fixed for free where dave bought it. But its in NH and well we don't have a car anymore.

My point? Well I saw this on QVC and thought it would make a lovely IN THE MEANTIME ring, so I stop touching my hand every 5 minutes and freak out cause it feels weird. heeeee. I am not suggesting a replacement that is relo, people who do that? yeah I don't get it. Oh can you spend more money on me? bah. My ring is what he proposed with, what he saved up for.

Oh and I can hear you thinking. Well you broke it wearing it all the time. Whatever. Its not BROKEN. I just am worried the tine might snap off. There are 5 more and I am sure it won't come out but I was sick of ruining all my tights and sweaters too.

OK I just want that hello kitty ring so if I VALIDATE IT with a series of silly reasons....


Andrea said...

Delurking to say - BUY THE HELLO KITTY RING! My diamond really did fall out and I got a plain silver band to wear until mine is fixed. It feels too strange to be without something on that finger.

hillary said...

totally forwarded your comment to mister man. ha!