Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Makeup Ideas.

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I was asked by the magnificent Orange Blossom Goddess for makeup suggestions for her brother's upcoming wedding. She will be wearing a navy blue dress with some sparkles on it. Since we are both girls blessed with pale skin, green eyes and dark hair I had some ideas for what would work well for her and her dress.

Here are the three looks I came up with.

Look one.

A purple eyewing with a soft pink cheek with a golden pink shiny lip. The items used in this look are...
You can use ANY company.
Plum eyeshadow
Angled eyeliner brush
Concealer (industrial)
Semi see thru Foundation (you don't want to look washed out in pics!)
Bright pink blush with no shimmer
Shimmer liquid/ Highlighter
Pink lipgloss with gold shimmer
Shimmer white eyeliner
MASCARA (waterproof is best for weddings)

I always start with my eyes. If you get shadow on your face its easy to remove BEFORE you put foundation on! Wet the eyeliner brush and dip it into the plum shadow. With short strokes line your upper lid and gently pull your eye out and draw a wing towards your eyebrow. If you mess up just wipe it off with a wet tissue or makeup remover wipe. I usually have to redo it at least once. Patience! Then take the white shimmer eyeliner and line you lower lid gently and put a v in the inner corner of your eye and smudge it. Then line under your eyebrow and rub it in. Now lots and lots of mascara. Next move onto the foundation. Put it all over your face and make sure to rub in so you don't have lines or darker and lighter spots. Then put the concealer on. Always put that on after foundation because if you do it first you will wipe it right off when you put the foundation on! My world was made when I learned this!
Now blush. Smile with your mouth closed your biggest smile. Smile to the point your eyes start to squint now only put blush on the part of your cheek sticking out. Don't put it towards your ear this isn't the 80s! Now take your shimmer liquid or highlighter and do that smile again and put it on top of your cheek sticking out, a line down your nose and a small dab on the chin. Rub rub rub. This will give you a nice dew and it photographs well.
Last lipgloss. Slap it on. Lots of it. Also photographs nicely. The gold shimmer works nice with the purple eye.

Look two.
A silver shimmer eye with a peach cheek and red red red pout.

What I used for this look

A blue red lipstick. Mac is the BEST for this. Their reds are top notch.
Foundation again a see thru one
Concealer industrial strength
Peach blush with very very light shimmer
Liquid shimmer highlighter
White shimmer eyeliner
Silver eyeshadow. Second from bottom on last colum.

To create this look. I took the white eyeliner and heavily lined my lower lash from inside corner all the way to outside corner. Place a little blob next to the inside of your eye and below brow like before and smudge. Next lots of shimmery silver shadow from lashline to crease. Smudge it a little so its not precise. Then lots of mascara.
Now for foundation, concealer, blush and highlighter do the same as in look one.
Lastly lips. I prefer to put red lipstick on right from the tube. Some like to use a brush. I think from the tube works best because it lays it on thick which you want with red lips. DON'T use liner. It looks weird. If you can get your hands on a reverse liner do it. Its a clear lipliner you line your lips just outside your lipline and it keeps the red from feathering.
Make sure you bring your red lipstick with you with a small mirror to reapply thru out the night. Also always rub your tongue over your teeth before taking a picture!

Look three.
I call this my Angelina look. Heavy smoky eye with a nude shimmer lip. (she uses nude none shimmer but come on we aren't all blessed with her lips so we need shimmer to fake bigger)

What I used.

Black, Dark grey and silver eyeshadow
Black eyeliner WATERPROOF that is the only way to keep it on all day
Foundation See thru
Peach blush
Shimmer liquid highlighter
Nude or see thru lipgloss with LOTS of shimmer. Over the top sparkle!

How I created this look. First I lined my lower water line (the white part of lower eyelid) with waterproof black eyeliner from inside corner all the way to outside corner. Then ok this is odd but I lined the inside upperlid. There is no special way to do this. Basically you just gently rube the eyeliner back and forth under your upper lashes. The reason you do this is it darkens up inbetween the lashes and creates a more bold smoky eye. Now I took the dark grey shadow and put it on my eye up to my crease. I didn't put it on heavy. I used a light hand. I then used the silver and put it on the inside corner next to my nose and rubbed it into the crease of my eye. Then I took a smaller eyeshadow brush and lined my upper lash line with the black eyeshadow. Make a smudgy semi thick line. Viola smoky eye on the easy.

Then for foundation, concealer, blush and highlighter follow the same steps as look one.

Now my favorite part. The LIPS. Ok with the uber sparkle gloss slap it on. Make sure you follow the bow in your lip. Act like its a pencil and your drawing it on. It makes it just that much more nice.

So I hope you like them. If you have something in mind let me know. Also you can use any company you like. Don't feel you need to use what I did. This is just what I have.


Heather said...

I love all three of these looks! Thank you so much for this!! I quite like the one you flickr'd me with the best #1. You're an artist with this stuff - I just never had the patience to really get creative or even actually get the hang of it! LOL Thank you, thank you, thank you.

anna said...

i love all of these looks. Look 1 is something I try to do when we go out, but my problem is I always neglect the lip. I have super fat lips, so I feel fairly conspicuous wearing much on them, and gloss always gets my crazy hair stuck to them! But I am going to persevere, dammit, and I will achieve this great combo you have put forth!

Leah said...

Awesome! This was fun to read. I'm going to try the purple batwing soon. Alas, at age 35 (as of next week), that ship might have already sailed for me. I've been doing a smokey eye like #3 for a while, and it always looks so good in photographs.

What kind of foundation and concealer do you use, again? Studio Fix and Erase Paste?? I use Bare Minerals, but I'd like some liquid stuff for special occasions. Also, do you just rub in with your fingers or use a sponge or brush?

Ruta said...

look 3 is a hottie. but then look 2 and look 1 are both really fetching....oomph can't decide.

hillary said...

aw thanks loves. Ruta you are my first love of smokey eye. Your new years from a year ago?? I think thats what I am doing for my part on friday. That with false eyelashes and contacts!

hillary said...

oh leah its mac foundation spf 15. Its just the regular one not the liquid studio fix.