Friday, January 16, 2009

I beat my personal shopping best today.

Those who know me in person know I tend to be an unlucky person. I tend to have a small storm cloud following me around. I am not complaining its fact. But I am VERY lucky in sales. Always have been.

19 Items.
Retail Value $ 1184 (give or take a buck)
I paid. $99

5 blazers (2 velvet, 1 tween, 1 brocade, 1 wool with ruffles) Blazers were Originally $99, $119, $119, $119, $129 I paid $5.93 each
2 satin like shirts Originally were $46 I paid$4.19 each
1 sequin shirt Originally $45 I paid $8.99
1 wool cape Originally was $89 I paid $5.93
1 grandma sweater (why they call it this I have never seen a grandma in one) $99 I paid$8.99
2 SETS of pjs Originally were $40 a pair I paid $$5.93 each pair
2 brooches Originally were $46 each I paid $4.19 each
1 ruffle tank thingy Originally was $46 I paid $2.93
3 items not pictured because they are GIFTS Originally were $20 each I paid $2.93 each.


I am sure it will all be remixed next week or so.


Leah said...

OMG!!! WHERE did you get all of this??? What a score! The blazers alone would make me swoon.

Sadly, I have not had the time to do this type of shopping at all lately. It takes time to dig through sales and find the right sizes!

Have you ever seen the clothes at The stuff they had there for fall was so cute! I had put a bunch of stuff on my list, and then I missed it when everything went on super-sale. There's a huge, wrapped present sitting in my bedroom as we speak, waiting for my birthday next week. I'm hoping that my hubby went on and snagged up some of the clothes there for me!

Rachael said...

Nice work!

Eyeliah @ said...

wow, that is so impressive!!

Jennoit said...

Wow. Like holy moly wow. I am super impressed and somewhat envious because your clothes always look very high $, so how great to spend so little. I will hope for a little of your sale-fu when I travel to the US this weekend!