Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When I was in Las Vegas there was a Sanrio store. Of course I went and spent my hard earned money on over prices tiny objects that are cute and impractical (for the most part). One thing I got that I use all the time is Scented Tissues. Insanity I know. They are tiny little packs with only 8 in them but I don't need to blow my nose that often either. But when I do they are such a lovely little experince. I also love when someone asks me for one too and I get to see the surprise on their face. Well I am almost out of said tissues. :( I looked on ebay but they were over priced. If you live near a Sanrio store that carries these and would be willing to pick me up a few packs you would be my hero.

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Dave77459 said...

There is a Sanrio store in my local mall. Actually, a couple I think. If I could remember the next time I am in the mall around Christmastime, I'll get you some.

I'm still looking for that eyelash curler you wanted, without luck. I might need to hit Chinatown soon for some shopping and bubble tea.