Friday, January 23, 2009

25 things? geesh

Ok I was tagged to post 25 things and I wasn't going to do it but the longer I think the more things I come up with.

1. If I go into a thrift store the first thing I do when I leave is purell my hands. This makes my husband laugh to no end.
2. Mike Doughty and I are really friends. He just doesn't know it.
3. I used to write plays and got to put a few on in school.
4. I have a hard time rebounding from embarrassment.
5. I have had more friends break up with me than boyfriends.
6. Somedays I think I never want kids.
7. Somedays I think my life won't be complete til I have a kid that is half me and half dave.
8. Somedays I think I should adopt so they won't have celiac.
9. I thank god that my mom never had more kids. ugh. Never had any desire to have siblings.
10. I used to be a really good writer.
11. Then I lost all confidence in my writing.
12. I wrote a paper in grad school last year that my teacher gushed over and said I have a style of writing he can only dream about.
13. It lasted 5 minutes and the self doubt kicked in again.
14. A friend and I once ate an entire box of granulated brown sugar. We were 17.
15. I met my husband when he dated my best friend.
16. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up and it doesn't really bother me. yet?
17. I like how my name looks. Visually I find it very pleasing.
18. I have never called myself an artist. I have a degree in art. I have exhibited my work.
19. I will give you the shirt of my back and ask if you need pants to go with it.
20. But I am catty.
21. And it doesn't bother me in the least.
22. Because mostly I say it to be funny.
23. If I am the funny one maybe you won't notice if I am not the smartest one or prettiest one.
24. I think the lack of sunshine is really starting to
25. I say two sugars when I actually meant 3.


Kelly said...

I agree with all your "kid" stuff - the wanting, then not wanting, then wanting to adopt so they don't inherit my retarded, broken body.

Leah said... are almost to that point with the kiddo decision, aren't you? That's so emotional and can really make you feel all alone in the world.

I do the funny thing, too. I didn't really notice it til recently.