Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 out for 1 in

My husband and I decided on a policy when it comes to bringing new clothes into our house this year. Since we are in general gravitating more towards quality over quantity (it wasn't always the way but to be frank you get what you pay for) So for every one item coming into the house two have to leave. Be it donate, pitch for the undonatables or give away to someone you think wants it. This policy does not apply to party attire. Since we own so little of it we would have nothing left. So on Sunday I had bought 3 pairs of pants at Banana Republic and a dress at Ann Taylor. So I donated 9 pairs of paints that I either don't wear or fit right. I say donate but they were added to the ever growing pile of garbage bags on my side of the bed full and waiting til we rent a car again and head north.
Many blogs I have read have people doing no new clothes challenge, but thrifting is ok. Or no more buying at all until you have worn everything in your closet. Neither of those challenges work for me. I am fickle and I like to wear things in my own cycle. I also have a very broad spectrum of clothes. I could be be a rocker one day and a hippie the next. Thats why I love my wardorbe. And the only thrifting thing? We have no thrift stores in Boston. Outside the city maybe, but I don't have a car and the few "resale" shops we have in the city are horrific. They charge more for a used item then I pay for my new items. That is not thrifty in my mind.
So the two out for one in works for me.

and yes the policy is ringing a bell in your head. Its from the Montel Williams show when he buys the hoochie 14 year olds new clothes and thinks that makes them less whorey. But he does 3 for 1 which I think is one too many. ;)


anna said...

Yep Yep. I do this as well, but it's ONE in and ONE out. I hear ya on the quality. I've essentially put the hiatus on any sweaters from Old Navy or the Gap, and any metal accessories from F21. I will however still buy cheapie shoes if they are trendy!

Do you have a place that will do clothes pick ups?

Vietnam Vets in my neighborhood will do clothes pick ups IF there's a lot--- about 4 times a year I organize a pick up day for my block. I'm not sure if you're friendly with your neighbors or not, but if so, this may be a way to get the charity to come to you!

hillary said...

That is a really good idea! I will look into it! We drive by Le Sal Boutique when we rent a car and head grocery shopping but sometimes I forget and get home and kick myself. I don't know my neighbors. 5 years in same building. Even after we were robbed people still don't make an effort. We are first apt and only one on our floor and so we never pass anyone. eh.

mamichan said...

Sometimes Goodwill or Salvation Army will pick up if you have enough.

A high school friend of mine really likes Cadia Vintage in Boston for thrifted stuff.

I am trying to buy quality stuff but I still love my Old Navy. Now I try to just get cheapy flats or basic Ts there.

hillary said...
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hillary said...

Cadia is actually out in cambridge. I live in downtown Boston proper.

But I should adventure out there check it out! thanks!

Rachael said...

Great idea. I've made the decision to only buy quality shoes - I've given away too many cheap, uncomfortable pairs that I hadn't even worn.

Kelly said...

I don't know if I could ever do this. Or if I did, I would just hold on to the "bad" ones until I wanted to buy something else I wouldn't actually have to sacrifice by giving up anything I wanted to keep!

I have "goodwill" piles that are now bordering on 3 huge garbage bags full. I'm lucky in that I have the vets that come pick things up, too. I don't have to do anything - every couple months, they just leave a bag in my mailbox and say they'll come back in a week to pick it up after I've filled it with whatever I want to get rid of.

Leah said...

I take my good clothes to the consignment shop. However, I have to be careful about then not wasting an hour browsing there since I rarely find anything I like there except for my old clothes! :) Everything else goes to Goodwill or Sal so we can get a tax deduction. We used to do yard sales, but we don't have a garage to store things in now.

You can arrange for Sal pickup at

I like the 1 in 2 out rule! 9 pairs of pants would make a lot of new room!