Sunday, December 14, 2008

xmas prezzies

Having a dilemma. I would LOVE to send something to all my e-friends but in all reality I can't afford that. I bought 5 prezzies and am packing them up to be sent and fear other people will get their feelings hurt. But in all honesty I spent more on these 5 then on presents for some family members. BAH I never thought I would complain/fret about having too many friends. New territory for me let me tell ya.


Ruta said...

i have the same dilema, honey, no worries. : ) what i've been doing as a sort of compensation is just making really elaborate home made holiday cards. yesterday i spent several hours with my watercolors!

Dave77459 said...

Bah. Everyone who knows you well enough to potentially have their feelings hurt knows you well enough to realize you are not wealthy. Bless you for being so large-hearted.