Sunday, December 28, 2008

Uberlist year end recap.

Ok so this year I completed more than in previous years. But this year was more of a to do list than resolutions than previous years. I will add up the totals later. Some I said need to do more. They are things I definitely did but think still not enough.

1. Lose 15 more lbs
2. Buy a darn house
DONEISH its up nothing to sell though.Put up an etsy store
HALF DONE need to do more_4.Bring lunches more to work
5. Sell something on ebay
DONE_6.Make decision about grad school
DONE 7. Grow hair out
DONE_8.Find a hairdresser I like
9.Tivo things for weekend
DONE10. Read and recycle mags as read them
DONE 11. Read 15 books (up to 18 that I bothered to write down)
DONE_12. Emily....?
DONE 13. Go back to NYC
POSSIBLY DONE_14. Help dave find a hobby
DONE and he is MUCH better 15. Help dave with time management
WORKING ON_16. Keep up with W_R
WORKING ON_17. Organize photos as I take them
18. Finish dave's painting
NEED TO DO MORE 19. Take a multi vitamin
DONE 20. Try drinking tea again
DONE and it was a disaster_21. Sew at least on clothing item
22. Knit and crochet more in general
23. Make gram that wedding photo
DONE_24. Be happier
DONE_25. Goodwill all those damn clothes
DONE_26. Get a backup pair of glasses
DONE_27. Get new contact rx
NEED TO DO MORE 28. Recycle
DONE_29. Get rid of stuff I don't need / use
WOKRING ON NICELY_30. It is what it is!
31. Stop talking so much
DONE 32. Wear more accessories or at least mix it up not same thing all time
DONE 33. Do homework in a timely manner
DONE_!!!!!!!!34. Put xmas tree away in a timely manner
35. Cook more
NEED TO DO MORE_36. Craft more
37. Have more us time in NH
DONEISH GOT NEW ONE _38. Fix zipper on China dress or use fabric
DONE 39. Wear more of a variety of my clothes
DONE 40. Blog more
41. Stop with the snacking
DONE _42. Scan old photos
DONE_43. Beach at least once
44. North Conway
45. Wear more hats
DONE 46. Heels
DONE 47. Work on Avon
NEED TO DO MORE 48. Don't listen to stupid people
49. Submit to be a show or gallery
DONE_50. Mail all mom's movies back
DONE_51. Bedroom FIX!
DONE 52. Keep a planner/ assignments/ appointments/ todos
DONE!!!!!_53. Get over myspace/facebook
NEED TO DO MORE 54. Visit gram and pop more
NEED TO DO MORE 55. Visit dad more
56. Go to FL in the 08 year
57. Use dave's plane tix
58. Go for walks with dave
DONE 59. Be better at tracking as I eat
60. Mail out GF dvds
WORKING ON B AT LEAST_61. Keep in contact with Brandon/Tyler
62. Get all A's!
DONE _63. Couch
DONE_64. Tv
DONE_65. Wireless Router
DONE 66. More quality time with Daisyboo
NEED TO DO MORE 67. No dairy
DONE worked like hell still massive fail 68. Get my skin in check
DONE 69. Shower at nite and morning (re hair)
70. Put wedding video on dvd
71. Dentist every 6 months
DONE 72. Try more foods
DONE 73. Keep computer tidy
DONE _74. Go thru my makeup and ditch
DONE 75. Send presents before bdays
76. Get rid for shoes I don't wear
77. Make more Jewelry
NEED TO DO MORE 78. Help dave photograph models as they are made
NEED TO DO MORE 79. Put clothes away when clean
DONE 80. Check more books out from library / instead of buying
DONE_81. Cut back / eliminate soda
DONE 82. Floss more
83. Finish buffy series
DONE 84. Put money aside weekly
85. Gloria
DONE but not local 86. Make a friend I like / replace george the deserter
87. Work on portfolio
NEED TO DO MORE 89. Sunscreen daily
DONE 90. Go swimming at least once
91. Do more things in Boston / tourist
92. Trapeze school at Jordan's
93. Summer movies in the commons
DONE 94. Find more GF restaurant options.
95. Work on my business plan
96. Try Pilates
DONE 97. Start xmas shopping in Oct again
WORKING ON _98. Write more letters/ re gram
DONE 99. Go on an actual vacation
100.Get back into silkscreening
NEED TO DO MORE 101. Get more activity points.
NEED TO DO MORE 102. Get back on track with netflix / re make it worth money
103. Knit a sweater
104. GF cannoli
DONE 105. Finish dave's socks
106. Practice sewing
DONE _107. Red Lipstick
DONE_108. Wear more skirts and dresses

1 comment:

anna said...

i adore this list.
1- I've said it before, I'll say it again- it's like you're in my head. When I post my resolution list (attached to flickr photo), don't be shocked at the similarities!

2- I wish I lived in Boston for several reasons. a) I could hang with you all the time! b)it's a totally stylish town and I adore New England in general (hello Gilmore Girls!). c)we could silkscreen AND do pilates together. I'm a terrible pilates person, though, because I cackle and make dirty comments the WHOLE time.

3. It's amazing how much of this list you got done! You should be very proud of yourself!