Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I love Thursdayl

Winter breaks! Man that is the only upside of working at a University!

The idea of making these maple bacon cupcakes over said break.

Johnny Cash American IV. So damn fantastic. You can't listen to it and not love it. And if you don't then I don't know you.

Mac cosmetics. The spf 15 foundation in NW15 to be specific.

Christmas presents. I get a little squee over buying things for people and wondering what they think when they open it.

All my flickr frens. Last year when I was taking a Digital philosophy touchy feely weird class we talked about do you differentiate between online friends and real friends. At the time I said yes. But not now. One in particular my husband even talks about her like I have known her forever but I never even met her!

Homemade ginger cookies.

Spray sanitizer. It makes me feel better even if it is bunk. On T I spary the second I let go of pole and feel like it takes the creepy crawlys away.

Eshopping and coming home to boxes. Its like Christmas. (oh wait it is. ha)

My monkey office play set.

Evan Dando. Some crushes will never go away.

Hot pink lipgloss.

Keiko's e-shop. It makes me want to learn to sew. Sadly I don't think anything she makes would fit me. It'd be too small. le sigh. I just need to remember to actually input the books when I finish!


Ally said...

I like a lot of those things too!! :)

T2 said...

Clapton may be a god, but Cash is the God of gods. I love you even more knowing you are a Cash fan. Hugs to you and Dave. Big hugs, Hill.