Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Home today. I felt awful taking a day off after having just taken a week off. My head was killing me. It is one of those omg don't make a noise or my head may explode just hearing it. I hate these. I don't get them often but when I do they linger longer than welcome.
We have been home two days and dave has already made a mess in the living room. Thats ok I am ASSURED he will pick it up today for fear of flogging. I think I will decorate the tree today. Its always an effort as all the ornaments are deep within dave's closet.

I have a large head. Most hats don't fit me. I buy them anyways being assured that they will stretch. They never do and I end up pulling them down ALL DAY LONG and they still don't cover my ears and I end up with searing pain in my ears. I was having an issue a few years back where I constantly felt like I was having an ear infection. I went to the dr numerous times and she threw antibiotics at me but it wouldn't stop. She sent me to an ear surgeon at the ear nose and throat hospital and he looked at them for a minute and said that there was nothing wrong and I probably was just clenching my jaw too much. The pain comes and goes now and I know I am not clenching my jaw. I am conscious of it trying to make a correlation. So come the winter my ears are in constant searing pain when out in the cold. I blame it on having tubes as a kid. They are probably scarred and just easily irritated. So last night I bought an obnoxious mens fur hat with flaps in hopes to stop my pain. I just have to look confidant and that its a statement and maybe people then won't think I am a wackadoodle.

Oh there will be pictures. no worries on that.

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Dave77459 said...

Sorry you are sick. :-(

What about a hat like this one?


I find it fugly, but many girls around here are wearing them. I figure random girls have more fashion acumen then I do.