Monday, November 17, 2008

Things you may not know about me

So this wacky girl whose blog I love to read cause well shes a wacko did a "things you may not know about me list"
All of it was "I am sooo cool and quirky" til you got to "I have webbed feet"
But I thought it would be fun to do and then ask you who read this to do it as well.

so lets say 6 things cause I like the number 6.

6 things you may not know about me.

1. I played classical flute for 5 years.
2. My husband and I never dated in the traditional go on dates sense.
3. My middle name was wrong with the US government for 25 years and I never knew.
4. I once saw someone get shot.
5. My best friend and I used to ride a tandem from her house  to walmart to stock up on sparkly stuff we didn't need. We never had an issue with who was in control cause we just trusted the other so completely. I once tried riding with someone else and lasted about 10 feet before we almost crashed.
6. My feet shrunk 2 whole sizes.

1 comment:

Dave77459 said...

I have nothing that would compare to any of your six, so I'm not doing it.

Meanwhile, all six of yours rock.