Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things I love Thursday

I saw this on the beautiful Gala Darling's website a few weeks back and I just loved the idea. Of course every Thursday I forget to do it. So today I remembered! Here is Gala's post for today.

* McDavids
* Patent leather Danskos
* Cheap sugar laden bubblegum
* Contacts
* Teal eyeshadow
* Ginger perfume
* Boot socks
* Library books
* emily valentine
* Rubber stamps
* Work study students
* Cereal with marshmellow
* Pepper
* That there is one day left in work week
* That there is a GIANT craft fair this weekend
* Steve Martin
* Vampires

What do you love?


mamichan said...

I read Gala too!
Which ginger perfume?

I like:

MJ's pear fragrance
tights in fun colors
DVR (I just got it)
the beginning of the month, because my magazines come in the mail

hillary said...

Oh yes I was going to say free magazine subscriptions! My LUCKY just came today I too love that day.

OMG could you hear me in my head thinking "I love the smell of pear" when I flipped thru lucky?! I didn't know MJ made a pear. I think I need it.

The ginger one I have is Origins. I got the oil rollerball and it was CHEAP and smells like sheer heaven.

My dvr is my favorite thing in the world!

Dave77459 said...

I love:

* Chex Mix (I use Crispix because my dad worked for Kellogg's, and add extra Worcestershire sauce).

* Baldessarini by Hugo Boss; manly but subtle.

* Riding the twisties on a cool Autumn day.

hillary said...

I LOVE chex mix. I love it when it still how and a bit smooshy and crunchy. I could eat it til I POP!

mamichan said...

I've always wanted the Origins one!

I love the MJ Pear. And it's huge so it lasts forever.