Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sweater Rehab

I went thru my sweaters and hoodies today. I ended up filling four bags with things I no longer wear and am donating. While cleaning I found two Ann Taylor sweaters that I couldn't bear to part with, but each had issues.

My teal one my mother in law bought me for my 27th birthday. I wore it often when I first got it but the collar started becoming detached. I tried to fix it on two separate occasions. It came undo yet again. I considered taking it off but it would of fell apart if I did.
I pulled out all my ribbons considering recreating a fun bow sweater from Anthropologie. I made my first bow and decided I liked how just the one looked and it fit perfectly over the hole. So I quickly stitched it back on and put the bow over it. It also is one of my favorite color combos I even wore recently and got lots of compliments on.
So for 5 minutes work I rehabbed a sweater I had been unable to wear for 2 years but couldn't bear to part with.

The second sweater, well it was just drab and I have another brown cardigan that was much nicer looking (actually the one I like is just like the teal but in brown with peal buttons).

I never wear it with the matching shell. I still can't believe I ever did. I think I thought I was Deborah on Everybody loves Raymond. So I pulled out my button tin and started laying them out. Ok random is hard! Especially for my libra mind. I was really struggling to make it appear "random and fun". I think it came out pretty good. All my buttons I have are from when I bought clothes. When ever dave or I get new clothes and they have extra buttons I always pop them into this tin I have and after all these years I had a nice little assortment. Many had designer names on them so I just used them upside down!

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Kimberly said...

I have a "bow cardigan" on my DIY list based on one I saw at Anthro a while back. However, I love the idea of "fixing" the sweater with the bow. Also, the button cardi is super cute. Do you remember the one I made last year?