Sunday, November 02, 2008

My big obnoxious over the top Christmas wish list

I figure if I don't put it out there then their is no chance I will get things I want.
Selfish I know, but isn't it better to say what you want instead of getting things you wish you had the receipt for?

This ring. The Bubble Murano ring in Black and Silver. It would go so nicely with my glass ring collection, also my hands are slim and giant rings look nice.

I would sell my cat in a heart beat for this purse. I want it so bad my teeth hurt.

It doesn't have to be this one but I want a smoky eye kit. This one is nice too. I don't own any black or greys. So anything in that vein to create the Angie smoky eye.

A convertible clutch. There are a few companies that have great ones. This LAMB one is nice. But I know I have seen ones just like it at Gap and Marc Jacobs. I want one I can hold undone by the handle but also folds over like the LAMB one.

This book about Audrey.

An Emily Post book. The edition doesn't matter. Any really. (this is picky but if its an old, old book such as from a library I won't be able to read it. My allergies are out of control lately.)

Gentleman Junkie. Its out of print and has been for years but I know its easily attainable. I don't know why but its something I can't buy for myself. Weird. I have read it maybe 4 times and love it every time.

I might faint if I got this Andy book. Its so over the top ridiculous I am in mad love with it.

This DVD set
is something I have swooned over for years. I have seen every episode and still want it.

I am a little ashamed to admit I want the SATC box set.

Etsy has lots of fun unique jewelry. I could link a few but seriously there is SO much fun stuff.

Canon 50 mm lens.
A 75-300mm lens.

Ooh I love gingerbread.

I have been up in the air on the concept of book reader for years. I am a tactile person. BUT I also am a city girl who carries her life with her and life in a small apartment. My bookcases are busting at the seams. (one quite literally) So I think I would like to transition to the kindle. BUT it would require a gift card cause I am a cheapskate about techy things. Dave got me an ipod but I never would buy music for it. Know what I mean? I looked up a few authors and they had things I liked in the kindle store. so....


Kelly said...

That is one reason that I am SO GLAD I don't live in an expensive city. My heart would break if I didn't have enough room for my bookcases! I can't even use the library, I have to OWN my books.

It's kind of a sickness.

hillary said...

I am a librarian! haaa Want to talk about book sickness??? I live in the most expensive city in America. I pay 1450 for 300 sq ft. I am insane.

Dave77459 said...

You may be insane, but the "Nifty Fifty" is a great lens. Superb bokeh, especially for the buck. It is a very nice portrait lens.

I understand your desire to try the Kindle. But I have a couple problems with it:

* e-Books are just less satisfying.

* They are transitory devices, so that you don't tangibly own the book.

Since this last is true-enough, I've begun donating my read books. I can donate them to libraries, but since my building has started collecting to send used books to soldiers, who crave them, I will do that. Especially ditto with magazines, of which I am a junky.

hillary said...

My job, what I do for a living? Cataloging ebooks and working on their licenses. Yes I am well aware or fleetingness of them but if you saw my bookcases at home you would under stand. I can't stress enough 300 sq ft, Two people, a cat and too many architectural models. Also I notice I read most books once and stick them on the self for a million years and then complain I have no where to put anything. I also carry everything with me in a bag. I don't have a car to put stuff so this would make my life lighter. I had a bad back due to a really bad car accident I was in when I was 17.

Dave77459 said...

:) I know what you do for a living... if for no other reason than you mentioned it in an earlier comment to this very post. Although, your hands-on with e-books is a nice twist.

I too am largely a read-once-and-stick-on-a-shelf sort of person, which is why I am donating them after I read them. Since e-books are basically disposable, I might as well donate a tangible thing to someone who would appreciate it. That's all I'm saying. That and e-books make the reading experience less satisfying [for me].

cdn lawyerista said...

Hillary, I don't think your list is too over the top, save for one or two items, it is pretty reasonable, actually. You have good taste.

I love books too, but a long time ago, I decided to believe in "book karma". When I read a good book, I lend it to someone or give it to someone. If it is lent, I may not get it back. In return, people lend me books, which I occasionally forget to give back. You give and you get. I only keep the ones I absolutely love and would want to read again.

hillary said...
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hillary said...

I never lend my books. If I buy a book it is because I love it and want to own it. 97% of the books I read are from THE LIBRARY! Which is really the thing all should do. Because it gives me job security!

It wasn't a talk me out of something I want list.

You only think 2 items were over the top? You weren't paying close enough attention then! heee the Warhol book weighs 17 lbs. NO one needs $200 dvd box sets a $400 book purse or $500 clutch. See off the top of my head 6 items are ridiculous. Doesn't stop me from coveting them though!

cdn lawyerista said...

Well, I just bought my husband the complete set of the Family Guy series which was not quite $200. I hate the show but I'm pretty sure he will weep with joy when he opens the set. One splurge a year is ok.

And, in your defence, you need to have a couple of over the top items on any wish list. Have you seen mine?

Oh, and I wasn't trying to talk you out of anything (dude, I read the "helpful" post). If anything, I'm trying to validate your list!

I use the library plenty too, but there are some books I don't want to wait for so I buy 'em or get them for gifts. I'm kind of fickle, so it is a rare book that I want to keep. Now, if I had some of the books on your wish list, those are keepers for sure ...