Thursday, November 13, 2008

Makeup brushes on the cheap

My number one tip for anyone wanting to amp up their makeup routine and make it all easier and look more professional?
Invest in brushes.
I don't mean you have to spend a ton. You can get a nice set for about $15 bucks from Mark and they are better than some fancy brushes you would get from MAC. Don't get me wrong MACs stuff is fantastic. But that little set of brushes I have from Mark are just top notch, they really got something right when they made them. (the case zips closed and fits in your purse too. You don't need long handles the short are the same only shorter!)

I had a makeover this past summer and the guy put blush on me with this wacky brush that just kissed my cheek and created the most perfect "I just came in from the cold" flush. After the makeover I bought that hot pink blush and asked how much the brush was, fully knowing brushes are spendy. He said $ 45 and I tried not to laugh.
I kindly said maybe next time and bought my blush. On the T on the way home I had an idea! Well 4 months later I finally followed thru on that idea.

Today on my lunch break I walked over to the art supply store and headed right over to the paintbrush section. Paint brushes can be spendy as well. Badger, Sable and all sorts of animal brushes. And while I am sure they are probably better than the synthetic I am squeamish and never liked the idea of using animal bristle brushes even for painting. So I found the exact same funny shape brush as the makeup artist used! Its called a fan-tail brush. I petted the Badger and it felt just like the Badger fan brush he used. I then searched for a synthetic version. I found a Faux Squirrel version that felt exactly the same and I bought it.

It cost. $3.39!

I got the exact same brush as the fancy makeup counter for a discount of $42. off!!!

I wish the faux badger was just as nice cause badger is more fun to say than squirrel!


Anonymous said...

You are a genius ~ what a good idea!
Badger, Badger, Badger - you're right it is fun to say (& type)!

E said...

I learn so much from you, Hillary!

I never put much thought into the tools to put makeup on so I've never had any brushes - but since you say they're great, I'm going to go to both Target and my local arty shop to stock up! Do you recommend any "Basic" ones to get for my little starter collection? :)