Friday, November 07, 2008

Is you office as cold as mine??

Then you need to get some arm warmers! Keep your hands warm but still able to type!
Fingerless gloves
My mom lives in Florida and while it doesn't get really cold for full on winter clothes it does get cool and she wanted some driving gloves and when she was fed up with not finding the "right ones" she sat down and winged a pair and that turned into another and another! She is addicted to making them at this point! Since there is no pattern, each pair is unique and special!

So go get a pair now!

(hey its my site I can push whatever I want! And its my mom!)

More colors will be posted soon!


Dave77459 said...

Sweet! These look like just the thing my baby needs. On my way to Etsy!

Dave77459 said...


Milly said...

I need those right at this moment
weather in nyc right now is up in the 60's..thats warm for mid-nov. in office have the AC blasted..and my hands are so cold as usual :(

hillary said...

if you order today you probably would get by monday! My mom ships fast. She put a ton of colors up this week too!