Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love my town.

When I moved here I was afraid I made a mistake, my family was scared because of my uncle being murdered here But they never said anything. They knew I was doing it no matter what they said. Dave well he was along for the ride. He didn't have an opinion one way or the other. He just wanted me to be happy and he would be.
It was ugly and gross and there were way too many scary people living under the artery that cut my neighborhood off from the rest of the city. The first week we were here someone tried to sell Heroin to dave. I was young and stuboorn as hell though and I put on a brave face and said I loved it. I did love it, but I was also scared and lost. Dave hated it, but he was willing to give it a chance.

But then they tore the artery down and it opened up our neighborhood. But we were still not there yet. Last November they finished up the last park that is where the old artery was. Now we have these gorgeous beautiful parks and fountains where the highway once was. Our neighborhood isn't cut off from the rest of the city. I don't have to walk under the highway and fear for my life.
Don't get my wrong. I DO live in a city and I keep my wits about me at all times. But I don't feel gross anymore.
I KNOW I was robbed. But that could happen anywhere. Hell a girl was shot outside my door in Gainesville and you don't get much more "quaint" that where I was living there.

I was just googling The Big Dig to show someone the pictures brought me back to all that above. I had almost forgot how damn ugly it was. What was I thinking?! :P

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Ally said...

There's a grassroots movement in Louisville to "86" I-64...I hope it passes!