Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My head is spinning. This past week went all to hell. Nothing got done on time. I didn't do half the stuff I had planned. Teresa's death hit closer to home than I would of thought.
We leave tomorrow afternoon for a few days come home for a day or two and have to hand off the cat and we are gone again for a week. I have SO MUCH to do. Ahhh. Dave and I were proactive and on Friday night we went to the bookstore and stocked up on "reading material" I am sorry but it is NOT a trip if I don't go to the bookstore and get magazines and shiny new books. (I almost forgot a library book in Vegas before and here in Boston thats over a $100 fine!) So at least that is taken care of and in my mind one of the most important things.
I got "The Other Boleyn Girl" and four shiny mags. I also have "Lolita" that I got last week. I fear that one will be read before the trip though. We are going to be on a train twice this weekend and that might be it for "Lolita". Dave said too and I hadn't thought this. I can always get books there if I need to. Genius. I knew I kept him around for more than his good looks.

We are going to be making chocolates this weekend. As those who have known me awhile know we used to do it every year then dave started school and made it impossible to squeeze in as its a very big affair. We don't half ass it we go all out. I learned my lesson early. About 10 or so years ago when I was still new to my husbands family I asked one xmas if I could make some chocolates with my mother in law. I was thinking a tray or two. I learned. It was more like 30! heeeeee oh god they are so good.
It also isn't a day of making chocolates without the story of dave stealing the tube of concentrated filling one year and hiding in the bathroom and eating it. Best part he was 18. Kidding he was 3?

I don't like Thanksgiving food. (maybe I shouldn't of said that I could be brought up on charges of being unamerican) But I don't. My mom was more chill with "appropriate" holiday food. If we went over someones house we would have turkey. But if we stayed home we would have ham or chinese.

We are having Thanksgiving with dave's parents for the first time ever. My family tends to take over. I love them but they are louder so he who is the loudest.... Also dave's family isn't big on "the day" xmas is just as special on the 28th as it is on the 25th with them. Mine the screaming mimis I love so much are the day or NOT AT ALL. Also my grandparents tend to host it so what can I say I am a sucker for my grandparents. You would be too if you knew them. Ideally we would of gone to Florida this year. Its been WAY TOO DAMN LONG (4 years??). But its expensive as hell and with dave in school it really is IMPOSSIBLE. He can't take the time off. My work is always closed but his open even on Friday. I am looking forward to spending it with my inlaws we always have a good time, thats a given. We talk til way to late and make pina coladas and anthropomorphsize everything. This is the first holiday for them without any parents. My father in law lost his dad this past spring. It was the last grandparent on my husband's side and I fear it will be hard. I hope its not sad. I can't handle sad. I take things so hard. I can't even smell someone crying, its all over and I am a basket case for days. So we are going to make sure everyone has fun and enjoys themselves. My husband's aunt is coming and she is a riot. We don't see her often at all once a year MAYBE. She tells funny stories and has a great smile. She gets squinty and reminds me of myself. She has 3 boys so she always has a story to have us rolling on the floor. She also dyes her hair a similar color to mine so of course I love it! haaaaa. I am so easily swayed. Her and dave's dad look so much alike its hard to believe they aren't fraternal twins or something.

bah. Yes I should be eating lunch and planning what to pack. I am procrastinating. bah.

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Ally said...

I hate Thanksgiving food too. Blech!