Monday, November 03, 2008

Do the right thing tomorrow. VOTE FOR ME!

My platform

*More H&Ms across the US.

*Manbags must be carried by more stores.

*Workplaces are required to celebrate employees birthdays with cupcakes (even if it falls on a weekend) AND if that person has food allergies then they must be made in accordance. NO crappy store bought ones. Bakery or homemade only.

*Wear a hat get a tax break. (no baseball caps allowed, I am talking proper dignified hats)

*Early release Wednesdays. at least one Wednesday a month works must let you out and NOT require you to make up the time.

*Work places are required by law to give all employees a half hour PAID nap.

*Coffee shops are not allowed to charge more than 1.25 for a coffee beverage.

*Coffee places are NOT allowed to charge extra for soy. People aren't being particular some are ALLERGIC TO DAIRY.

1 comment:

Angie said...

I don't think you are on the ballot in KY - I will just have to write you in. You have a platform I can get behind versus now I am just trying to decide which is the lesser of the evils!!