Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comme des Garçons

The Comme des Garçons line comes to H&M today. I looked at the collection on the website and I can say I am intrigued. I am pretty smitten with most the stuff. Especially the men's wear. Anyone who knows me can attest that I wear a lot of black and polka dots which this collection is full of. The extreme tailoring is something I tend to mad about. The dress is my favorite, of course it is also the most expensive at a insane price of $350! It is still H&M is the quality there?
I am going after work to at least check it out and if anything strikes me fancy. I really really want a tuxedo jacket but I don't know if my ample derrière would look good in one.

One thing I don't like the cut outs on some of the peices though. I know myself and I know they would stress my shit out.

When I was in highschool my cousin sent me a Commes t-shirt from fashion week. It had astronauts on it and it was very fitted in a very flattering way. But this was the early 1990's and that was not the current fashion with the teenage set. It was more flannels and giant mens jeans. I would wear it with my dad's jeans and this one guy used to tease me about it every time I wore it. He would make obscene jokes about the name. (think about it) I wore it til my mom threw it away. (She didn't like it either) and I ended up dating that asshole and while I have never missed him I still think about that shirt.


Dave77459 said...

What is your feeling about the pants (left small bubble)? Can you advise me how to look at those and not think the wearer has a full diaper? Is this an affliction I will have since being a parent?


Hapless in Houston

hillary said...

Oh I never said I liked it all. I have my limits and hammer pants are in there. I was too enamored with the tux jacket that I didn't even see them til you said it frankly. I am more of a skirt girl pants get missed a lot by me.

Dave77459 said...

Ah yes, the MC Hammer "genie" pants. That is a memory I'd hoped would never be rekindled.

The tux jacket is appealing. So are skirts.


Happier now in Houston