Friday, October 17, 2008


So you know how different voices affect people differently? I have been self conscious about mine every since I was canned as a receptionist a week into the job cause the owner of the law firm hated my voice and didn't want to subject his clients to it. (my boss NEVER should of told me the truth she was just being a bitch) She then brought in an article from a marie claire in a dentist waiting room on "how to change your voice"? Umm hello are you for real?

I went to a class on effective business communication yesterday and learned some neat stuff. Such as it has been proven that people don't take you as seriously is your voice has a higher tone or you speak faster. (if you have both like me your fucked) And how you can try and lower your tone for the phone by pretending you are talking to someone 12 feet away and not on the phone. (don't yell more like project it)

So I was thinking about voices that I like and why.

Megan's jesus she just has the easiest voice to listen to. Its not high its not low. Its just the right pitch.

Evan Dando's to this day I feel EXACTLY like I did when I was 12 when I hear his voice. It gives me butterflies. Its low and melodic and just heaven.

Jay-Z he puts me in a foul mood. I LOVE the danger mouse album but EVERY damn time I listen to it I want to kick someone. Never fails. I almost went all Tanya Harding on a beotch this morning with my umbrella. (but thats another story)

Tori Amos. I don't even have to like her song, but something about her voice makes me think I can sing. I hear it I sing it. I am not even like a fan of hers exactly.

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