Friday, October 17, 2008

Red lips

I love red lips.
Dave does not.
I wear them anyways in small bursts of days on end then not for months.

Then I read this.
all I have to say is pbbblttthhh

After a week of wearing red everyday for 7 days a beauty blogger wrote this.

Lessons Learnt

- Heels really help. I know that sounds shallow but I found coping with the lips a lot easier from a stiletto viewpoint. red lips aren't for hurrying or rushing, they're for queening around.

- Indie boys will LURV you. Bizarrely I was hit on by the skinny jeans brigade, the type that usually look at my peroxide hair and pink outfits in pure disdain.

-You WILL get more attention. Builders, taxi drivers, store assistants, you name it.

-There's something very empowering about red lips. they're so high maintenance it's like a sign above your head that scream look at me, I'm pretty and IMPORTANT.

-People will actually LISTEN to what you're saying. Maybe the red mesmerizes folks, but it does mean when you speak up in meetings everyone listens.

-Women and men have very different opinions on reds and shades. Some love it bright, some dark, there's no real 'right' way to do it.


Kelly said...

Interesting! I just found the perfect red, but I'll admit I've only worn it a couple times because people stare. And I don't always think it's in a good way.

hillary said...

bah they are jealous! They wish the have the balls to wear it. Wear it and wear it proud!