Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have wanted one of these for 22 years. I am not even exaggerating. I saw desperately seeking susan the year it came out and 8 year old hillary wanted a hat box suitcase more than anything the world. On a stupid whim I looked it up on ebay yesterday and they had one in avocado green. They are actually really hard to come by even on ebay. (well at a decent price) and they are always auctions. I hate auctions my heart and sanity can't handle them. I am a buy it now girl. I have only ever done a couple auction and they usually end with me screaming at the computer. So dave set an alarm on my phone to remind me and 20 minutes before I sat and refreshed until it was under 1 minute and I lost it at first but then WON. Take that whoseewhatsit in LA its mine. PBBBBLLLTTTTTTH :P

Yes hers had skulls on it. And while 8 year old hillary thought that was cool 30 year old hillary would prefer it in original condition.

Yes this was cross posted but not everyone who reads my blog is on flickr.

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