Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been tagged.

This is a first, the tagging that is. I have been tagged by Erin.

Warning my life may put you to sleep.

1. Clothing Shop: H&M, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, TARGET If I had moola Marc Jacobs everything down to my skivvvvies
2. Furniture Shop: Dave and I JUST bought the first piece of furniture ever. Couch at Bob's Discount Furniture. If I could afford it I'd be all West Elm and Pottery Barn
3. Sweet: Buttons and Teriyaki Beef Jery (hey its sweet)
4. City: Boston! I also love Portsmouth NH lots.
5. Drink: I don't drink alcohol. (fear abuse) But I like pepsi
6. Music: Mike Doughty, Beirut, Lemonheads uh I dunno it changes daily. except for the Mike and lemonheads
7. TV Series: Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Project Runway, PUSHING DAISIES!!
8. Film: Bah dis is hard. House of Yes, Garden State (wonder what dave and I are like? Hes crazy my family is wacky it is US) Playing by heart, CRUEL INTENTIONS
9. Workout: no thank you
10. Pastries: cupcake hands down. OOH cupcake pops! Dave made me some for my birthday
11. Coffee: small caramel iced latte, skim milk no sugar, yes to the whip cream\

Ok I don't officially know of anyone who reads this so I can't tag anymore. But if you do and you are reading this. THEN I CHOOSE YOU!

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