Thursday, October 23, 2008

I like makeup

Anyone who knows me knows I love makeup. I mean like really love. I spoke recently about how I don't look in magazines for outfits to copy. It just isn't me. BUT I am someone to look in a magazine for makeup to copy. I love love love finding looks and trying to recreate them. I KNOW that I need to go bolder cause I am never as dark as I think I am. Especially in a smoky eye. I look in the mirror and think I look like a hot mess and its so dark people will think I am a raccoon. Then I photograph it and its just this delicate little eye. This happened again But I think I am on the right track this time.
I copied Ashley Olsen in her introduction photo in her new book Influence. (It is a absolutely gorgeous book. If you love fashion check it out.)


Me. I think next time I will go bolder with it. I think I shall do it for work tomorrow to go with my 60's french outfit I have picked out.

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