Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have a Halloween costume all picked out for Friday!
No we aren't doing anything. Dave is shall we say is not Halloween's biggest fan. (ask me the trick or treat knees story)
So I am going with a costume that could possibly just be "normal". Well not here in Boston but I think I dress wacky enough most days people don't really react anymore.

wooooot. Stay tuned to see who I am going as.


Dave77459 said...

What is the trick or treat knees story?

hillary said...

dave was scared of halloween and his mom really wanted him to go (as he has an older sister who was going) so he wouldn't dress up in a costume cause he was too shy so they came up with putting smily faces on his knees and he would go up and quietly say "trick or treat knees" so sad and cute at the same time.

There is a photo somewhere at home... must scan.
He IS dressing up this halloween. its a very subtle costume though.

Dave77459 said...

You are very right. Sad and cute.