Monday, October 20, 2008

the hair cycle

I redid my hair last night. I was way past due. But the SAD is kicking in. I don't want to do anything and I don't have the energy to do it. I know its bad when I let my hair fade and get as bad as it was. I am usually to vain to let that happen. So I found the color I liked the most and bought four boxes of it this time. (enough for 2 applications) When my hair gets any longer I fear I will have to move up to 3. 2 JUST covers it at this point. I use Feria in number 37 Blownout Burgundy which is one step down from the 36 Chocolate Cherry I did since 1998. I have tried literally every company on the market and gone to a professional for it. I keep going back to Feria. To be honest for myself I think it is absolutly foolish to pay someone to dye my hair if I am doing a single process color. I do it just as well at home (better usually) and they always always charge me extra cause they have to use more than one bowl. (They never listen to me when they come out with the one bowl and say to them you are going to need another they wait til they are halfway thru applying it to my head THEN go and make another while I freak out for the 10 minutes HALF my head is processing.)
If I am doing highlights or lowlights that I leave up to a professional.
Its a horrible cycle I have gotten myself in. I started dying my hair regularly when I was maybe 14 or so. So then when I get roots I had to dye it again. So on and on and on. I have tried growing it out only to get it two inches grown out and get so annoyed I dye it again. My hair grows SLOOOOOOOOW. So at this point.
In the past year...
I HAD dark red hair
that I had dyed brown

and then had highlighted with a few colors of blonde

and then started lowlighting it with shades of pink

only to go back and dye it dark red again.

viscous cycle.

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