Friday, October 17, 2008

dairy free for me please

I have felt like crap for a few weeks now. I have two main things going on and I am 'hoping" that going completely dairyfree might help alleviate some of my issues. I was born allergic to milk and it went away as I got older until I was 18 when it came back. So I had to be good about it for the past 12 years. A little here and there or I was sick as a dog. Well lately even that nonfat milk in my coffee and that one slice of cheese appears to be an issue. Well I hope that is solves the problem. I hope its that easy.
OK so milk is easy. I have drank rice milk the past 5 years anyways. And I know of decent dairy free ice creams from the years of dave not eating it. (Now he can eat it no problem the big jerkface)

My issue is CHEESE. Years ago I tried all the dairy free cheese that were on the market (granted there were maybe 3 back then) and they all were HORRIBLE. Seriously I wouldn't feed it to a dog. It was nasty nasty stuff.

Does anyone  have first hand experience with a GOOD dairy free cheese? It also has to be sesame and yeast free ( I am sure the sesame is no issue but a lot of fake cheeses use yeast oddly enough)

Thank you in advance!

My allergies

All the above make me feel I am dying when I have them. With in 5 minutes of consuming, I start getting the chills, sweating and shaking. Then the I WANT TO VOMIT NOW kicks in. ugh.

So I have easily avoided them. Easily meaning I didn't seek them out ever. They are sneaky bastards at times and I have gotten bagged badly. The dairy is a general feeling of unwell. Really bad pains in my side, headaches and lots and lots of congestion. But lately my migraines have taken on a life of their own and I hope that this is the answer.

gah Now I want cheese with a side of cheese sauce with a sprinkling of shredded cheeesssseeee.

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