Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser

Ok so this is gross to talk about but I wanted to share my review about Clean and Clears new blackhead eraser. I am one of those "lucky" girls to be plagued with adult acne. Ugh I had tried everything. Seriously. ProActiv, every companies three step system. Organic products, chemical products. Witchhazel to good ol toothpaste.
Ok so I bought the eraser last night. I usually like to wait at least a week before I give my opnion on a product. So its comes with a handful of replacement pads and a AA battery (which I LOVED). First I stared in the mirror real hard taking stock of how bad my skin was in the "before".
I put the pad on, gently wet it and turned it on. It vibrates but not in an obnoxious way. So I started rubbing it on my face in a circular motion like directed and it felt nice. Usually I am squeamish about moving things but it was gentle and I likes the slightly medicated/sweet smell. One thing I did notice is you have to be careful if you do your forehead as it drips down. So then I splashed my face with water and started touching. Ok seriously my skin was like buttah. So friggin smooth and VISIBLY less black heads. Seriously. I kid you not. I called (ok yelled) to dave that he had to try it.
He also said he couldn't believe how fantastic his face felt and he noticed less blackheads. He is hard to please. He is a experience person. You could give him the best working most expensive face wash in the world and if it doesn't FOAM he says his skin feels unclean. He is the same with soap, toothpaste and shampoo they all must foam or he complains.

So I am telling you this before a week so you can go get one and not waste anytime with ickies!!!

It retails for $19.99. It was $16.99 at Target and if you go here you can print off a $5. off coupon.


mamichan said...

There was a similar neutrogena one... but maybe it was microderm? I used it religiously for a month and then stopped. But my face always felt smooth.

I've tried all those acne treatments too! And nothing worked until I started going to acupuncture. I still get break outs, but much much less than before and they clear up faster.

Helen said...

I feel your pain. I find myself thinking, "when will the acne STOP?" Oh yeah, just about the time I start getting wrinkles. Great.

Did you find that this device decreased the size of your pores? My life goal is to find good make-up to fix pore size.