Wednesday, September 10, 2008

where is the nearest cliff?

Cause I feel like jumping. 
I need a restart to today. 
My head hurts and I am up at weight watchers. Higher than I have been in over a year. This makes me VERY unhappy. I work so hard and this week I was awful but still within points and I am so high I feel like crying.
I am not looking for a pity party just needed to vent.

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dave :* said...

You can't jump. Well, technically I guess you can but I'd catch you so the point is moot.
I think you look fabulouso and you (should) knowso. Wii Fit told me that your body can fluctuate more than 2 lbs a day so I don't think stressing is in order. You've done so well so please don't let a little hiccup get you down.