Sunday, September 07, 2008

What my dad has taught me.

My friend Terry did a beautiful tribute to his dad in memory of his 80th birthday the other day. I loved the idea so much I wanted to do a living tribute to what my dad has taught me so far in my life.
Check out Terry's beautiful tribute here.

Things my dad has taught me so far:
Family first. 
Remember to have a hobby you love cause work is work, hobbys are for fun
There ARE others out there you just have to open your eyes (star wise)
How to shoot a gun
How to camp
To love animals with all your heart and to open your heart again to one even when you think you can't
That coffee is a vital part of life
That you can teach an old dog new tricks
To always keep learning. Never stop
That modern medicine doesn't have all the answer and be open to alternatives
That you get what you pay for so if you love it, its ok to spend money
To save my change daily in a jar cause it adds up
To ride a bike
To drive a standard car (at 13)
To drive a 2 wheeler (motorbike thingy)
To be a packrat
To horde clothes like they are going to stop making them
If you like it and it works. buy two cause they are gonna stop making it.
That british comedies are the best
That denim can be fancy.
Take your hat off indoors.
To love your country even if you don't agree with what its doing.
To watch out for yourself even if that means running. 

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T2 said...

I love your list...and will adopt some of those, myself.

Sweet of you to mention the tribute to my pops.