Monday, September 22, 2008

I like lists

Today's to dos
Paint my nails (I honestly feel naked I am never without polish and I don't like it one bit)
Stop at Windsor Button and try and match yarn
Also need some stopper and double end stoppers
Finish Mitten
Start second sock for dave
Send out Avon email
Make up some samples
Put pina colada laden puppy in wash (do a load of laundry?)
Get blanket out of sleeper sofa and put it in its duvet cover to be moved back to bedroom
Find a spot of daves architecture crap (thinking a box on the hutch if he REMOVES THOSE DAMN CLOTHES hunny)
Put summer sandals away
Pull out winter shoes
Donate shoes?
Sync Iphone

For this week
Go thru sweater pile and decide on keep vs. donate
Go thru sock drawer and make pairs its gotten ridiculous
Go thru tights basket and put things back in marked bags
Plan some knitting/crochet ideas for xmas presents
Put together E's package I have all the parts now
Thank you for XXX and XXXX
Figure out how much it would be to make that cowl in cashmere
Needle Inventory update it.
Research headphones Need a pair for iphone and a pair to use all day at work. Preferably work ones cheap, and comfy for 8 hour use
Practice that hairstyle I liked
Mail Kendra the DVD like I said. I feel awful I forgot
Read book 5 for Twilight series online
Find where to get supplies for cupcake lollipops for my birthday
Take off my birthday from work?
Figure our if going home this weekend? If so reserve seats on train

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