Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tan m&m

I recently had a discussion with someone (I can't remember who for the life of me) that I wish they would bring back Tan m&m's and they said oooh there were never tan. UHHH yes there was I said. Blue replaced it. Then I read this today!

On today's date, September 15th, in 1995, the tan M&M was replaced with the blue M&M.

I knew I wasn't crazy!

You know who is though? My stepfather Den. We would have a bowl of m&ms on the coffee table (cause my parents eat candy like 6 year olds) and he would pick out all the yellows and put them back. We asked him once why he did that and left all the yellow.
"Because they taste bad" he said. "They're gross"...

smile and nod. smile and nod. :)


kendra said...

awe MAN I miss M&Ms. Curse you, Corn Syrup! Why do you have to be in all the yummy food?

Kimberly said...

This so funny that you posted this - just the other day Dave had a bag of M & Ms and said, "what did they do, get rid of the light brown" to which I replied "yeah, like forever ago - when they started making the blue ones". I had no idea that it was back in 1995 though - that makes me feel old!