Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Root Touch Up review

BEFORE (you can tell more at the top of pic)



So my roots were starting to bug me a little but I don't think its time yet to do all my hair again. It hasn't even been a month. It takes forever and I have to buy two boxes. wah wah I know.
So I thought I would give root touch up a try as its "guaranteed" to work! Also it had my shade on the side of the box from my company so I thought eh why not! Also root touch up $5.99 two boxes of dye $19.98

Ok so I took a before picture and realized AFTER that you couldn't see much in the before picture due to flash but I didn't have my glasses on so the pic looked great to me til I upload. geesh!

I followed the package directions and waited the 10 minutes and the result. slightly less noticeable roots. I honestly think if I had left it on longer it would of worked. It VERY hard to tell in the before and after pic but they are noticeably less dark and more reddish. So I say its worth a shot if you are in between dyes and the roots are annoying you. The reason roots bother me is because I have bangs and you can start to see a line at the top of my bangs as roots grow in. On most people roots look good actually. But when you have bangs you start to get a weird stripe at the top of your forehead.


E said...

You and I are totally on the same dye schedule. :)

Unfortunately for me, not only do my roots show, but my hair FADES like nobody's business because it's so freaking blonde... so the Touch-Up doesn't do me any good.
When I was a brunette, though--this stuff worked well for me! Glad you did a review!

hillary said...

we are on the same schedule I noticed that today! My natural haircolor is dark dark red. But 3/4 of my hair is blonde from before so I am dying dark roots and light hair. Mine fades like nuts and I use aveda color deposit shampoo and conditioner everyday. (I have to wash daily sadly :( ) I use madder root every other day and the other days I use a purple based one I had them make for me. I think thats the only reason I am dragging it out is since I started doing that daily a few weeks ago.