Saturday, September 20, 2008

razor review

I have sensitive skin. Everytime I shave my legs it hurts. bad. It burns turns red and I can't even put lotion on it as I appear to be allergic to everyone under the sun. (well actually I found one that doesn't bother me. It is marketed towards women of color. I picked it up at sephora and its alarmingly fragrant but is the ONLY thing that  I have ever been able to put on my legs and not feel like someone poured acid on them.

I always bought cheap razors and shave cream and wondered ooh why does it hurt. Then my Mother in law came along and touted the wonders of spending more on razors. She bought me my first schick intuition the kind with the giant lotion bar around it. So for years off and on I used that with a combo of organic shave cream I get at the health food store. It would still hurt but less than before. I have tried dozens of men and women's at this point and had yet to find anything that didn't hurt me.

Last night the mister and I were at Target and he wandered into the shaving aisle to pick up new blades (his were 13 bucks for 4 I about fainted) So I said I will get one of those 58 for 3 dollar packs what did it matter? He tried to talk me into the Intuition ones that are 10 for 3. Which I still find highway robbery. So we bickered back and forth cause I will be damned if I spend money on me but have no problem spending it on product for him. So as I was walking out of the aisle in a sulk I spoted the Gillette Venus. I admit I was suckered by the purple handle and shiny package. It also claimed to have large lotion strips like the Intuition but the replacements were cheaper. SO I decided why not try this new one and support a local company while I am at it. (they are less than a mile from us).

So today and I used it and I LOVE IT! It honestly didn't even feel like scraping a razor across my legs. It just felt like rubbing something soft. and my legs weren't red and rashy nor did they hurt a single bit! I think I found a new razor and its pretty to boot!


sictransitgloria said...

I am a slave to the Venus. I shave my legs constantly because 1)i am a hairy beast, as profiled in my embarrassingly most popular flickr picture and 2)i am constantly in the shower from swimming and just have to shave every time.

Now, I don't know if this is for you or if you will find it effective and/or non-irritating, but the Filipina emollient of choice is baby oil. I get the unscented kind so I don't smell like a dang baby all the time! It also explains why my legs are always weirdly shiny in my wardrobe shots! I call it my hot-dog leg look (as in boiled hot dogs).

hillary said...

I tried baby oil but the scented kind I didn't know it came unscented that may be the key! Thank you. I have even tried like raw cocoa butter and shea and weirdly everything rashes. I am irish and very very thin fair skinned but have thick ass black hair that comes out of my legs where that came from I DUNNO! SHouldn't it be red? anyways. thank you I am going look for some baby oil.

seemegshop said...

I get rashes on my calves when I get stressed and it's hard to shave/not shave on certain days. I la-la-love my Venus but I always have to slather Cotizone on the gams or they will hurt. :(

hillary said...

have you ever tried organic shave lotion? Like toms or alba. Its wicked thick and it helps me a LOT. I slater on 4 times more than necessary and use it with the new razor. so far so good. But an hour or so after I wrote this and showered I realized we were out of shower gel and I used the dye free organic crap I only save for these moments and I got a friggin rash!!! I have a giant one over my whole leg even dave said WHAT HAPPENED?? It was the dye scent free crap! Avon skin so soft in the pink version is the ONLY one I can use apparently.