Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pizza crust review

We made BBQ bacon pizza out of a Schar gluten free pizza crust we had
never even seen before and my inlaws tracked down forvus
We are big fans of their crackers. The crust was delicious. It cooked
up nice and crispy. Tasted a bit like the flavor of the crackers. The
best part as they come shelf stable as opposed to frozen. It was
crispy, tasty and not at all crumbly like most gf pizza crust out
there. Best premade crust we have ever had. Will definetly buy again.


E said...

Where do you find it, Miss M?! It sounds fantastic!

hillary said...

I don't know where they got it. :( My inlaws brought it down when they came to visit. Schar is foreign so a fancier health food store? I am gonna ask cause we def want to make again!