Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oh honey no.

So here is a question for you.
A friend is wearing something that doesn't look nice. I am not talking about its not your taste and you don't like it. But more like its doing bad things to her body, coloring or well her.
What do you do?
Do you tell her that the color/cut/shape just doesn't suit her or do you shut the hell up and let her look bad?
I once told my mom that a lipstick didn't do anything for her and she was less than thrilled. It honestly isn't that I don't like the color, its that I didn't think it worked on her and she was much to beautiful for that.
Know what I mean? Do you say something or not?

Dave's famous line is "I have seen things that were much more flattering on you"
I usually give him a face but listen and put said item down.

So let me know what do you do? and what SHOULD you do?


Heather said...

Dave's line is excellent. I was having a similar conversation with two girlfriends of mine the other day. I think you have to know your friends well and understand how to tell them but you should definitely always tell them.

Kasmira said...

OMG - was it me? :)

hillary said...

@kasmira. Lord no! You are nothing if not a glowing inspiration to me! It was someone I work with actually.