Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my bling

I totally stole this idea from Kimberly. I like the idea so it can help others know my style (HINT HINT) :)

This is my personal go to jewelry. Most days I have all it on. But here and there I will change out the necklace or earrings but more often then not its all this. The rings never come off. Ever.

The Bean by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany's.
I got this for my 27th birthday from Daisyboo. Its has a few meanings. One cause someone calls me hillybean and another cause I live in beantown and was in love with the idea of a bean necklace when I first saw it on Kelly Sue (yeah I copy her a lot its a bad habit :P)

Clover by Heidi Klum by qvc
I first fell in love with these on Project Runway and stalked them for no joke about 8 months. I had another pair of hoop earrings I had worn every day and sadly lost one. I had an IOU for a pair of silver hoops. Well one day no joke like 5 minutes after putting them in my cart at qvc and walking away like I had for 8 months I saw Kimberly wearing them on a post with my name pointing out the other pair of studs she had on. I saw it as a sign and got them finally. I adore them and reach for them 92% of mornings.

Heart tag from Tiffany's
I got this as a wedding present from Pete. He knew I had always wanted something from Tiffany's as I saw it as THE ULTIMATE , I even did a piece in my last year of college silk screening imagery of Audrey in the Tiffany window. I have had it going on 6 years now and I still love it as much as the moment I first saw it. The ONLY complaint is he didn't engrave it cause he got scared of putting the wrong thing. nerd.

The square one is Torque by Frank Gehry for Tiffanys I got that one valentines 07. Gehry is an architect and the ring symbolizes dave PERFECTLY. I haven't taken it off since. (well except to take a picture.)

Silver ring with square opal. Hand made by Kaya whose store is in Portsmouth NH. Dave gave that to me our first xmas we spent together 1998. I had lost it after the robbery and only just found it again. I haven't taken it off since. Opal is also my birthstone.

Heart ring by Paloma Picasso for Tiffany's Pablo's granddaughter. I got this xmas 07. Dave had hidden it in a vacuum. A story for another time. I have worn it since. I went to school for art and dave knew the organic hearts would appeal to my inner organic girl (organic in art in terms of shape not in that oooh I'm green and I am all organic kind of way)

Ring next to opal. It is white gold with 5 tiny diamonds and its in a raised setting with cut outs on the side. Also lost in the robbery and only re found. Dave bought this for me when I graduated college. We found it when we went to look at wedding rings and fell in love with it along with my wedding band. Its 1920's estate.

Small white gold band. I went thru a hot flash phase and my hands would balloon so my rings were too tight so I moved them to my right hand and I wanted something to wear on my wedding finger and I got this at Walmart for under $30 and its 14k white gold!

Next is my engagement ring. Dave picked out the stone loose at a jewler and went thru some books to have them make it how he liked it. The setting is called a "tiffany" setting. I think it has to do with the 6 prongs and raised cut out side. (should of take a profile. the band is tall but thin)

Last one is my actual wedding ring. also 1920's estate bought at the same estate store.

Kenneth Cole New York
Easter bunny got it for me march 08
I wanted an automatic watch after I bought one for dave for our third wedding anniversary. His was see thru chunky and needed to be wound. I was in love with it. I don't like delicate watches. I gravitate to big heavy ones that move a little on the wrist. I have very small wrists so I find it more dynamic. I was in the store waiting for them to remove pegs when I got an email a new friend was not doing so well. Now when ever I wind it (which isnt often as it does it itself) I think of that person and wonder if they are doing ok right then. :(

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