Thursday, September 04, 2008

Migraine cures give me what ya got!

I have had migraines since I was 11. I had headaches before that but my first migraine I was sitting at the kitchen table doing math homework and was crying my eyes out cause I couldn't see the numbers anymore to do the problems. My step father tried reading them to me and it hurt to think. I have been under a neurologists care since I was 22. I have had CAT scans MRIs and EEGs. I have tried MOST rx out there that are for "migraines" and some that aren't.
I have tried 
Epilepsy meds
Nerve meds

Now some have worked at different times. For the migraines Imitrex has worked for me since 1998 (9) But lately the damn things are too fucking resilient. 
Give me your home cure. I am ready for frickin witch doctor magix. 
I have already tried the cut out
NOTHING WORKS! I still get them. I have different kinds. I have barometric pressure ones. Those fecking SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sinus ones, tension ones, ones from allergies and then I have one cause its Tuesday. 

So please anything you have heard of or seen give it to me. 
currently I 
avoid dairy, take imitrex, B vitamins and Magnesium, Drink obscene amounts of water


julie mack said...

oh honey. i've been there. those barometric ones still sneak up on me sometimes. it's awful. i had them from age 17 til 22; certainly not as long but I was on a million & one drugs. The only one that got rid of the migraines was Topamax (dunno if you tried it). It definitely stopped the migraines, I only had one a month (max) when I was previously having them an average of 5 days a week. The side effects suck though, so be wary of that. Weightloss & depression were my two highest sensitivities while on that.

what stopped the migraines overall was going off hormonal birth control (if that's tmi, i'm sorry!). obviously, you weren't on the pill when you were 11 but it might be a different tangent to explore. I'm assuming you've got (or at least done it previously)– a headache journal. Have you ever tracked the migraine occurrences against your cycle?

AND one more thing to cut, if you haven't already: MSG.
I hope they go away soon. :/

hillary said...

I took topamax for 4 years with no problem then all of a sudden all the side effects kicked in at once. I felt like I was drunk ALL THE TIME. I would get lost and wander away, I was always forgetting what I was saying and had a hard time standing still without falling over. So that was not FUN! I am on the pill because it does help. I skip my cycle for 6 months at a time cause I HAVE to or want to die. I don't do MSG cause I can't do any chinese anyways cause I am allergic to sesame. I have tracked compared to everything but I am going to hard core track like what did I wear smell wise and where was I and see like if something environmental did it. Thank you you never know what will help!

hillary said...

oh wait going off?? huh. the week without is usually my worst week migraine wise. I think neuro needs a call!

julie mack said...

yea.. when i stopped taking the pill & switched to non-estrogen based birth control... they went away! It was like magic. I did a few years on depo which worked fine but you're not supposed to be on it for a very long time because it causes loss of bone density. So, I switched to an IUD & never looked back. The weirdest part about it all was that my gyno figured it out & not my neurologist. Go figure. Good luck, my dear.