Friday, September 05, 2008

maybe Emily was right.

about 10 years ago my friend Emily said something about me being left handed. To which I said. ummm no. She said she SWORE I was. And I took it to thought cause she knew me better and longer than anyone else did. Did I used to be a LEFTY? I do lots of things lefty. sports and even my check marks. So I just read this and it makes me wonder even more.

from BellaSugar

"Hmm...curious. Whether it be an old wives' tale or has some scientific merit, tell me if this theory is true for you.

Compare your two thumbnails. Is one more squared-off at the base, particularly where your cuticle meets your lower nail bed? If so, does it correspond to your dominant hand or is this all a bunch of poppycock?"

My left is profoundly square and right is very very round.

odd right?

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