Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I just got a manicure.....

and now I feel guilty. For someone who isn't Catholic I sure do seem to have the Catholic guilt down to a science.
I didn't used to be this way over money. I could spend it and feel ok. Now I feel like a damn anorexic when I spend money, yet I pay $1450 a month on rent and say it is the going rate. I beat myself up to a pulp and want to return everything. Its not that I don't have it. I mean this month is tight after the trip to LA and buying Iphones and wiifit all in one month. It was like we were hemorrhaging money for a few weeks there. I was sitting in the insanely loud student union eating my lunch at one the tables I hate but it was literally the only one available. I am on day two from the migraine from hell and it was loud and lunch wasn't filling and I forgot my book and I said "I want a manicure". So I went across the street to the tanning and nail salon. (cause they are like peas and carrots you know. :P ps I hate tanning and when people do it. gag)
And about halfway thru it I wanted to tell her to stop and leave before they charged me. gah why am I so weird about spending money? I have no problem spending it on others. Hell I could spend 300 bucks on dave right now and feel nothing other than joy. Infact I buy him a present 1-2 times a week. Little things here and there. Things he might like or make his life easier.
Well there was no turning back she was already painting. So I sat and sulked. Now I am back at work and want to vomit.
Whats wrong with me? It was only 14 bucks.
My brain is a little broken I think.

Oh its a dark dark red with sparkle in it. Not black. It was gorgeous under the false lighting in the place.

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