Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I <3 Michael Cera

I miss arressted development sooo bad. I own the whole series. Must put on ipod to watch obsessively. In the mean time. watch this. now!


Anonymous said...

Do you like this clip so much because it mentions a monkey? It makes me happy to hear this little song ~ We sure are cute for two ugly people ~ I love that line!

masami said...

I soooo miss this show. George Michael and Bob Loblaw are the funniest recent TV character names.

E said...

I love Michael Cera, too!!! Aaahhh he is so hilariously awkward and I just love him for it. What an adorable boy.

hillary said...

oh that show was full of fun names!
mabe (maybe) funke
tobias funke


Kimberly you know I actually totally missed the monkey until you mentioned it. I went back and relistened for it!

Megan said...

Ahaha, GOB.

"It's an ILLUSION."

...I own all three seasons, too. I REALLY hope they make the movie. Even if it's crap (which I doubt it could be), I still want more Bluthe time.